Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage sector in the hospitality industry is a vital and diverse segment that revolves around guest satisfaction. It encompasses a wide range of establishments, including restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and resorts, all dedicated to creating memorable dining experiences. From gourmet cuisine to casual dining, this sector thrives on innovation, creativity, and exceptional solutions which we offer for this sector to delight your guests and leave a lasting impression on their overall stay

Oracle’s Simphony POS For Restaurants:

Enjoy a complete restaurant management system. From local cafes to global chains, Simphony is an all-in-one cloud-based that optimizes online and in-house operations in real-time & accessible from any device.

Inventory Management:

Restaurant POS Hardware:

Streamline order management by directly presenting color-coded orders from your POS system, website, and mobile app to your kitchen staff and Prioritize orders effortlessly with touchscreens or bump bars.

Combines a sleek 14-inch touchscreen display with an elegant platinum finish. Matches reliability and dependability.

A revolutionary self-service kiosk for retail stores and quick-service restaurants. Offering an elegant design, easy installation, and quick maintenance.

A robust large-screen POS hardware, designed for durability and high performance.

Ensure smooth operations during peak hours.

Equip your staff with robust mobile POS tablets for real-time table management, menu updates, and efficient tableside ordering.

Includes various essential components such as receipt printers, EMV readers for credit cards, mobile wallet readers, customer-facing screens, and cash drawers.

Add-on Applications: