About Us



Over the years, ACT’s passion for innovation and dedication to fostering digital empowerment has propelled the company to the forefront of Egypt’s ICT landscape. As a result, ACT is a market leader today, serving over 2500+ esteemed customers and employing more than 500 industry experts and professionals.

ACT’s journey began in 1988 when a visionary team of technology enthusiasts founded the company with a mission to revolutionize Egypt’s ICT industry. With a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge advancements and a customer-centric approach, ACT swiftly gained prominence as a pioneer in delivering integrated system solutions tailored to Egyptian businesses’ unique needs.

ACT’s exceptional growth trajectory and remarkable achievements have earned it a coveted place among Egypt’s top 500 companies. This prestigious recognition, bestowed by the renowned Egypt Business Directory, highlights the company’s significant contributions to Egypt’s burgeoning economy and its position as a catalyst for technological advancement.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as the preferred choice technology partner across the industries we serve, recognized for our unrivaled expertise, exceptional service, and unwavering commitment to innovation. We aim to set the highest standards in system integration and ICT solutions, consistently exceeding expectations and driving transformative outcomes for our customers.

Our Promise

At “ACT”, we are committed to delivering precisely tailored IT solutions and services that empower our clients to achieve their unique business goals effectively and efficiently. With unwavering dedication, expertise, and a customer-centric approach, we strive to be your reliable partner in harnessing the full potential of technology for your organization’s success.

Guest Experience

At “ACT,” we understand that delivering an exceptional guest experience is vital in today’s dynamic hospitality landscape. As pioneers in the hospitality sector dedicated to serving hotels, resorts, and food and beverage entities, we stand at the forefront of industry trends. With a team of over 200+ technology and industry experts, we are committed to designing tailor-made solutions that exceed the evolving expectations of your guests. Our passion for innovation, following the latest industry and technology trends combined with our deep understanding of the hospitality industry, enables us to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies that enhance every touchpoint of your guests’ journey. With “ACT,” you’re not just investing in solutions; you’re investing in an elevated, unforgettable guest experience that sets you apart in a competitive market.

Awards & Certifications